Feeling Overwhelmed with Cabin Fever!

Getting outside has been my “go to” for sanity and if I meet someone on the trails I greet the warmly but from a distance. A smile and a wave goes a long way in making my day.  I feel very privileged to live in Burk’s Falls with extensive walking and hiking trails.  I realize not everyone has the ability to get out of their homes.  I control what I can, write down the things I am so grateful for, do something that makes me laugh, dance crazy alone in my living room and try very hard not to worry and stew over what is out of my control.  Have any tips for our next few weeks on how you keep sane without close face to face contact with family & friends ?  I would love to hear them so please leave a comment.

This has been my GETTING OUTSIDE stress relief.

The past few weeks have been a challenge for everyone.  Some feel isolated, others feel crowded (families) everyone has their life out of sync!  I am no exception.  Trying very hard to keep my clients serviced while adhering to the very necessary social distancing, screening and of course, disinfecting.  I have taken this time to reorganize my home and office and thoroughly clean everything.  With no children or other family members (with of course the exception of my sweet dogs) in my home, I slip into anxiety and fear, which are useless, draining emotions, so keep reminding myself “this too shall end”

Beside social distancing, I try to find ways of doing my part;  thanking our front line people who bring, sell & distribute our groceries and supplies. Showing gratitude to our health care system workers and all my family members who are supportive.  I have made an effort everyday to thank someone in a small way, whether it is for staying home and isolated or working from home and caring for children or other family members, employers and businesses owners desperately trying to keep afloat, everyone deserves an big thank you for doing your part.

Here are some of MY sold properties in the couple of months of this year……this market time

is very active with many of my listings sold .  If you are thinking of selling please give me a call to get it sold, so that part of your life is not still on hold.  We are still active and open for business in buying and selling properties and our procedures are compliant with Health Canada in screening, protocols being diligently done by our colleagues and staff to keep everyone healthy and safe.




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