Let the New Year begin!  As I do every year I feel nostalgic and a little sad to have
Realty Execs White.cdrthe past year filed away. I never really make any New Years Resolutions however reviewing the past year, always has a great impact on how I look at my achievements and mistakes to develop a working plan for my life in 2019.  In 2018 I started a new real estate brokerage which is extremely successful and ventured out of my comfort zone in the work section of my life.  This year I intend on building that business and have other like minded Realtors® join my company and expand our service keeping level of professionalism that all the Sellers and Buyers in the Almaguin Highlands have come to expect.
IMG_2361In the personal aspect of 2018 I felt a bit out of touch with my ever growing family mostly due to my travel being restricted in caring for my Mom.  She is no longer able to travel well, so I IMG_2409.jpghope my family in 2019 will continue to come visit this year to spend time with her.  With dementia she does not remember the visits  but she enjoys them so much in the moment.  Also warm memories  are made for the grandchildren, great grand children and great great grandchildren to past on the stories when they get older.
IMG_2372[1]Balancing work, family gives me a great sense of accomplishment (even though sometimes I think everything is out of balance) and that is something I intend to prioritize this year.  I am one of the lucky ones that is privileged to have fulfilling work, appreciative clients and an attentive, loving family. WOW so much to  be grateful for!  I think  2019 may be challenging  and that is a good thing because if we are not challenged we become complacent and forget to be grateful for what we have.
With our great office dynamics REALTY EXECUTIVES Local Almaguin Highlands Inc.,

Brokerage will make it’s mark felt  with a positive impact on the Real Estate throughout the Villages of Almaguin in 2019.
Looking for recreation property, hunt camp or just room to roam these listings have that and more.
First Property link to listing  933 Highway 522 Trout Creek

Second property link  Forest Lake Road, Sundridge

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