Christmas Eve Tamblyn Family Visit. Made Mom’s day with family spending the afternoon with her.

As the new year begins, most of us are reflecting on the past year.  I have so much to be grateful for but I am always a little sad moving forward into the new year.  I guess it is the realization that some of those special moments can’t be recreated, just remembered.  Every year people make new resolutions for the coming year but I find that any time or day of the year,can be a turning point . A goal for a new direction in business or personal life can be set and a plan made to achieve it. I try to focus on something I can improve on and last year it was my health.  I made a plan on how to achieve it, track the progress and success (set backs and failures) and tweek the plan to work with my lifestyle resulting in a more positive outcome.  My goal last year was to get my blood pressure back to a healthy state.  It may be one goal but I had to determine all the factors that I had to change in my lifestyle to get that goal, weight loss, activity level, sleep patterns, stress  and just taking a little me time.  When I looked at all those changes I thought that I may never achieve all of them (which I didn’t) but my success would be determined by my goal of healthy blood pressure.  Happy to say goal achieved!

This year I am going to focus on building my real estate business into a larger company and make sure none of my clients are lacking in service.  Working on organizing the steps I am going to have to take to accomplish to reach that goal is going to take some time but I hope to have the first couple of steps in completed by the end of January.  Onward and Upward!

I have started putting all the Christmas decorations away for the year but I do like to leave the trees with white lights and a few winter decorations outside.  It just seems so bare and cold with out decorations to reflect what a wonderful season winter is.  I did decorate the B&B over the holidays and put in a cozy fireplace. I have more guests coming throughout the winter to go skating at Arrowhead Park, snowshoeing about Almaguin Highlands, snowmobiling throughout the area and visiting the ice caves and other attractions.

The weather so far has been good for me, on the nature walking trails in Powassan just boots, no snowshoes are necessary with the dogs and I so loving our daily hikes the woodlands. Unfortunately I am no photographer, wearing big gloves, in the dark, trying not to stumble, these are the best I could do……I am really upset that the trail looks so unobstructed and even because believe me it is not and I fall or stumble on them at least once everyday…..then again maybe I am just clumsy!

The real estate market, throughout the Villages of Almaguin, is still very active with these 3 sales happening in the past month and a few more are closing in January.  If you are thinking to wait until spring, this just goes to show that in winter every type of property does sell.  Also in the winter there are fewer listings which tends to make your property stand out as the shiny penny without the competition from the influx of other listings coming on in the spring. Contact me today” Your Go To Realtor” and I will move your property sooner than later.

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