Not Rain,Sleet,Snow will dampen Almaguin’s busy real estate market.  Despite nasty roads, gloomy days, lots of snow days people are actively looking for property and coming to live, work and play in our beautiful region.  I think February will reward us with bright sunny days and glistening clean snow with the perfect cold temperatures to enjoy all of our outdoor activities.  I love to snowshoe and look forward to hiking in the bush with my dogs, an activity I have yet to enjoy this winter.  Complain as I will, outside letting my dogs out for the last time before bed each night,watching my breath, seeing the snow glimmering in moonlight, the quiet cold on my face, makes me so appreciative for this experience at the end of my day.

A client, who is looking to purchase land to build a home on, asked me this week if could I describe what it is like to live in the Almaguin Highlands and what wildlife he should expect to see.  I asked him in return “Have you ever been to Algonquin Park?  He answered yes and I then said “imagine stepping out the back door of your home in Algonquin park…that is what it is like to live here”  He and his family will be up next week to view a few properties and hopefully purchase their “little piece of northern heaven”


Many people come to our area for various reasons.  I have a new listing this week that will appeal to someone with business knowledge and expertise in operating a restaurant business.  It could be someone local not really wanting to commit to purchasing or perhaps a person who is looking to move their business to Burk’s Falls.  Fantastic opportunity for a motivated business person with restaurant experience to operated their business in a great location in Burk’s Falls. Beautiful historic brick building, parking lot, outdoor patio and beautiful setting. Net $2000.00 lease per month and owner is looking for a three year lease.

More info on my website   or visit

In our Village we are lacking in accommodation for anyone wanting to stay a couple of nights or just passing through and want to stop and stay without driving further to find a place to sleep.  I have decided to start an Air B&B with the extra apartment in my building.  It should be ready by the first of February and in my next blog I will give you a preview of what will be offered.  Hopefully this will encourage others, with extra space, in the village or surrounding area to do the same.  Burk’s Falls can become a destination instead of people just driving through.  Our community has so much to offer and with more people coming and staying a while, prosperity will come for everyone as the spin off activities will filter to the local businesses.  On that positive note I am signing out for today…..time for my dogs to go out and me to enjoy some cold night air.


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