December is filled with family, friends, get-togethers, parties and celebrations.  I myself look forward to wonderful visits and lots of noise and love.  It also makes me sad because of the ones we have lost that will be missed this Christmas as they are every year as the time passes.  New family members are born or are added as significant others to grow our family to an immense, fantastic size. Other family obligations and distance keep some from this holiday visit but the communication lines with modern technology keeps them close.  I am so grateful for the ones I will see either in person or a video chat and just the thought makes me smile.

Our Santa Parade was this past weekend and although I personally could not see it my local family said it was a great parade of lights.  Many small communities throughout the Villages of Almaguin have different types of events in December so be sure to support and attend if you live in or are visiting our area. Winter Wonderland sleigh rides anyone?  Here is a link to book your family ride today for the holidays. Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

REALTOR Food Bank Donation

As our lives become hectic with social plans, family visits and holiday functions, please be KIND to everyone this season.  So many appear to be “Crabbit Apples” with a bah humbug attitude but just are overwhelmed with sadness or coping with financial pressures beyond their control.  Understanding, kindness and reaching out to those less fortunate, no matter what the cause, is something we all need to do more of.  Never become “too busy”  to take a moment to call a friend you haven’t spoke to in a while or give a big warm smile to a stranger, after all “Tis the Season”


The real estate market is enjoying a surge of business with the arrival of the snow and many buyers enjoying what the area has to offer.  Listing your property in the winter has many

wintery back road

benefits:  there is fewer competitive properties listed making yours the shiny penny and getting more for your property; roads and driveways are frozen so no dealing with muddy roads or getting stuck in muddy country laneways; the snow easily blows off of furniture being moved in the cold rather than becoming saturated with spring rain. If you are interested in hearing about more of them please contact me.  Don’t wait until spring sales are happening now.

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