Back to Routine in 2019

Today everything at work is business as usual but schools had a snow day, giving all the IMG_2420children riding buses, one more day to claim as holiday time.  I was very happy not to venture out this afternoon as the roads and weather turned nasty.
This evening, letting the dogs out, the trees howled with the north wind blowing snow off the rooftops and down the street. In this video not much to see but the great, big, roaring sound is Mother Nature a wee bit on the cranky side.

Catching up with work after holidays makes me feel out of sync with my schedule.  pexels-photo-265087It seemed everything I thought could be accomplished today was a far reach from actual reality.  As the week progresses hopefullyfront things will fall into place. The market is still busy, with a frontcommercial and residential property just sold this week, dwindling my listing inventory.  Many sellers do not have their properties listed through the winter months as they feel buyers will not be viewing property because of the snow.  Winter months are more challenging but technology, summer photos, google earth overviews and a determined Real Estate Agent meattract buyers interested in purchasing property.  Many of the properties available this season have become the shiny pennies to buyers needing to make a move, however lack of inventory makes for a small pool of listings to choose from.   Does it sound like I am asking for your listing?

Well, yes I am….just give me a call or email and I will market your property to find the right buyer.

IMG_1126If you are looking for a career change or to be your own boss don’t forget the great business opportunity in Sundridge.  The Double Decker fast food restaurant is closed for the winter but you could buy now and start up first thing in the spring.  Great business to run year round with good location, Highway 11 signage and a spot well known in the area.  A perfect business venture for someone to be self employed and make a good income.  Fast Food Restaurant
On a different note…..there is another commercial property that may be developed.


This year round waterfront home has 18 acres that is zoned for commercial recreational use.  It could be used as a campground, build a cottage resort or anything that falls into that type of category.  The residence is beautiful with a commanding view of Doe Lake, sand beach and clean water entry.  Have a look at the details it could be the investment you have been looking for.  Waterfront Opportunity

Well it is off to sleep for me now…. listening to the wintery sounds from my nice warm bed.  Read my blog next week new commercial listing coming and new sales too!

Reflective 2018 & Excited for 2019

Let the New Year begin!  As I do every year I feel nostalgic and a little sad to have
Realty Execs White.cdrthe past year filed away. I never really make any New Years Resolutions however reviewing the past year, always has a great impact on how I look at my achievements and mistakes to develop a working plan for my life in 2019.  In 2018 I started a new real estate brokerage which is extremely successful and ventured out of my comfort zone in the work section of my life.  This year I intend on building that business and have other like minded Realtors® join my company and expand our service keeping level of professionalism that all the Sellers and Buyers in the Almaguin Highlands have come to expect.
IMG_2361In the personal aspect of 2018 I felt a bit out of touch with my ever growing family mostly due to my travel being restricted in caring for my Mom.  She is no longer able to travel well, so I IMG_2409.jpghope my family in 2019 will continue to come visit this year to spend time with her.  With dementia she does not remember the visits  but she enjoys them so much in the moment.  Also warm memories  are made for the grandchildren, great grand children and great great grandchildren to past on the stories when they get older.
IMG_2372[1]Balancing work, family gives me a great sense of accomplishment (even though sometimes I think everything is out of balance) and that is something I intend to prioritize this year.  I am one of the lucky ones that is privileged to have fulfilling work, appreciative clients and an attentive, loving family. WOW so much to  be grateful for!  I think  2019 may be challenging  and that is a good thing because if we are not challenged we become complacent and forget to be grateful for what we have.
With our great office dynamics REALTY EXECUTIVES Local Almaguin Highlands Inc.,

Brokerage will make it’s mark felt  with a positive impact on the Real Estate throughout the Villages of Almaguin in 2019.
Looking for recreation property, hunt camp or just room to roam these listings have that and more.
First Property link to listing  933 Highway 522 Trout Creek

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Second property link  Forest Lake Road, Sundridge

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Almaguin Festive for the Holidays

Like many people I wait until the first of December to decorate my building and office.  Decorating in the cold is not my favourite thing of the season but I like to wait until after Remembrance Day out of respect and not to take away from the importance of that day.  Now I have (really my grandsons and son-in-law) the front outside and the inside lookinglights failure very festive.  And No they did not install the lights and end up like the guy in this photo!  My apartment too, is lit up with decorations lifting my Mom’s spirits since she is not able to get outdoors as much as before.
Friday Night before the parade the local real estate companies with the Village of Burks christmas tree lightingFalls organized the Annual Tree Lighting event.  Hot Chocolate and cookies enticing everyone attending to sing Christmas songs a  a little louder.  Hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree was also enjoyed and at the end the lights went on. Sparkling and twinkling colour made the tree come alive with the spirit of the Holidays.  I look out my window every night a watch the snow covered tree stand all lit up and making our Village ready for Santa’s arrival.
My Mom and I had a ring side seat from which to watch the Santa Claus Parade, from our living room above in our apartment above my office.  The lit up floats and music were lovely.  Many businesses from the
surrounding area participated including Fowler’s Construction who are working on the street construction in all the inclement weather we have had.  The Shriners  came all decked out as they do very faithfully santa floatevery year to take part in our Parade.
Santa of course came up last all bright with lights.  At the end of the parade Santa and Mrs Claus handed oranges and candy canes to the children who came to tell him their Christmas wishes.
I feel very grateful this time of year for all I have beenPiper blessed with; my family, (including a cute little Great-Grand-Daughter) a successful business, good health, and of course two devoted dogs.  Not being able to partake in many of the Holiday Functions this year has made me especially appreciate the many people behind the scenes working to make the events wonderful and enjoyable for our whole community.
movingskatingboyRealty  Executives Local Almaguin Highlands Inc. have sponsored a few hours for public skating at the Burk’s Falls Arena over the Christmas break so go out and enjoy some free family skating.
December for Real Estate sales is generally slow with everyone getting prepared for the holidays…not this year!  It seems our winter wonderland is attracting all types of Buyers to come and look at properties throughout the Villages of Almaguin.  Everything from vacant land, cottages, homes & businesses are having Buyers book showings.  Offers are coming in and deals are being made.  Now that is a great Christmas present, a relocation to our extraordinary Almaguin Highlands.  Check out the links below, you might decide to become a an owner of your own piece of Northern Heaven.
933 Ferguson road                               19 Horizon Road                             818 Relative road
Just on the market!  Wonderful 80 acre parcel listed for $189,900….build, use for recreation, sever for investment….this property  offers it allForest Lake road

Let it Snow…Let it Snow – To Almaguin We Will Go!

November snowComplain, as we all do, the white fluffy stuff has come early and in abundance keeping us fit at the end of a shovel.  with the cold temperatures many ski hills have opened and it has been the earliDogs sleepingest in the past 30 years.  My dogs have made the best of the snow racing  in a crazy pattern around the flower bed, jumping over the piles of snow made by the snowplow and just enjoying a playful romp outside.  After they come inside it is a different story …sound asleep drying out on their blankets
An update on the construction on the business street in Burk’s Falls.  The freezing construction pavementtemperatures have not deterred the diligent workers from braving the cold paving the street and pouring concrete for the sidewalks.  Out in front of our business is not yet completed but will be wonderful when these improvements are done.  Right now there are heated construction frost tarpsfrost tarps on the sidewalks so please Do Not walk on them (extremely slippery)  walk on the street and go through the pathways made for pedestrians to the businesses.  Our back parking lot and back door is open for our clients so they can come in and do business avoiding the uneven ground coming through the front of the building.  As a motorist be careful of pedestrians and slow down going through the Village.  The construction has definitely been an inconvenience but so worth the end result of our main street showing that Burk’s Falls is an up and coming community soon to be the shining star of the Villages of Almaguin.  Residents will be proud and businesses will again flourish…. a win win for us all.  This first step will encourage commerce and local business to improve their facades, planters and gardens and make it appealing to all who walk through our Village to shop and do business here.
fowler logoA shout out to Fowler Construction for their tireless diplomacy and consideration in dealing with the endless stream of disgruntled people……I hope they know how much they are appreciated doing a job that has to be done.  The day to day life for us, in the short term, is a little more difficult but necessary to achieve a major community improvement……and yeah I admit I do a little complaining too.
Although it has been a bit more difficult for our clients to come into the office the market continues to be active.  Technology plays a huge part in promoting our properties so if you are looking to list through the winter months please give us call and get a jump on moving this spring.  Here is a link to my newest type of promotion I am doing for some of my clients.  933 Ferguson Road – Home, Waterfront & Acreage
Here are a few more photos of our winter beauty – worth the drive!


Almaguin Remembers

poppyToday is Remembrance Day and throughout the Villages of Almaguin services are being held for those lost and those still serving to keep Canada safe.  As Canadians we are very well respected by other countries not only as allies in the time of war but for our ed and katrina remberancediplomacy in times of peace.  As time passes the “great wars”  are not as remembered buy the young and it is our obligation and duty to educate our children and grand children about the sacrifices made by everyone.  The soldiers who fought, the people displaced because of war all have suffered and the endless political rhetoric that continues seems to keep forming and fueling today’s atrocities all over the world.  It rests with edward cadetall of us in society to change and help our children understand conflict resolution, managing to accomplish it without injury and destruction to property, land  and life.  We need to be diligent in keeping the minds of our youth open, accepting, kind and teach them the negotiating tools to deal with tomorrows conflicts better than we ourselves have done in the past.  All that change can not happen, unless in our everyday lives we show youth by example, how we deal with views other than our own using with respect and kindness rather than judgment and animosity.  Start resolving disagreements at home and work without violence and instill empathy in our youth for the plight of others.  A strong people Stand Up for others and Stand Down on judgment.vimy.jpg

Lots of Changes in Burk’s Falls

Our office has signage!  my new firm is:
REALTY EXECUTIVES Local Almaguin Highlands Inc., Brokerage.  My goal is to serve all the Villages of Almaguin with buying or selling their unique real estate in this beautiful me and dogs for signaturearea.  As a Broker of Record I hope to enlarge our team of two, Jim phot backgroundmyself Louisa Moffit and Sales Representative Jim Creasor invite other agents to join our team to give our clients in the Almaguin Highlands the specialized service they deserve.  Contact me, if as an agent, you are ready to make a move and I will give you the details of how this brokerage may be a good fit for you.
The weather has been a very HOT topic throughout Ontario with the heat
boat paddle
drying out the vegetation and a Fire Ban for our area is in effect.  Those here for holidays or camping I am sure are making the lakes and rivers their go to places for heat relief and the residents are doing Pet-plan-car-infographicthe same.  Driving please look out for wildlife as they come near the roads as the evenings cool down.  Never leave your dogs or children in a vehicle even for a few minutes, it can be life threatening very quickly.
The street construction in Burk’s Falls causes a bit of delay getting from one end of the village to the other but be patient for the flaggers are out in that heat all day and deserveRoad construction safety clipart to be respected.  Wait your turn, don’t stress and enjoy your air-conditioned vehicle for 1 or 2 minutes while the necessary construction is being done.  Those of you in vehicles with no air be grateful you are only waiting a few minutes and not spending the entire day in the heat waving other motorists safely through the construction.
All businesses in the Village of Burk’s Falls are inconvenienced however access to the businesses is always available.  Who knows maybe slowing down traffic may make people take notice of businesses, they never took the time to see, as they drove right by.  That in mind, decorate your store fronts and get ready to be part of face lift the Village is receiving.  There will always be complaints but when given lemons make cool lemonade! Your positive attitude will be refreshing and contagious.
Cooler temperatures are in the forecast and also on the bright side not many black flies are around ( although I think our mosquitoes are still plentiful).  Until my next post remember Be Kind, it doesn’t cost anything and can usually cool down most heated situations.

Puppy Real Estate Training

Well I picked up a new Bouvier pup on November the 5th 2017.  She is now 8 weeks old and Corona is a wonderful big sister to her.  Training a dog (not that there is much training except of the owner at this age) is so much less stressful with an adult dog to teach them the routine and what is acceptable and not.  Her name is Lambig pronounced in English “lumbeeg”  wikipedia on Lambig
I chose that particular name because of the endearing memory I have of my grandfather giving my husband a bottle of it to return home to Canada on our first trip to see my family in France.  Although not my drink of choice Jim cherished the gift and still had


Knight Brothers Factory circa 1896

that bottle long after the death of my grandfather. We finished the last of it to celebrate our move to the Burk’s Falls Knight Brother’s factory building in 1996 twenty years after Jim had received it.  It makes me smile and think of them both, every time I say her name.Lumbig has had her introduction to office life this past week.  She has gone a few showings, assisted GREATLY when I had to put up my signs and is learning that we do not pee on clients lawns.  The burst of energy is always followed by a very long puppy nap.  My clients have certainly have enjoyed her puppy antics.  The snow covers the ground today and both dogs love the outdoors.  More difficult to find the property boundaries when showing property however.
resin view no colour
Many Clients have taken this opportunity to view vacant land as the terrain can be assessed without all the foliage camouflaging the lay of the land.   Not many listings available in this are so if you are a seller give me a call and I can promote and perhaps bring you a successful offer before snowshoes are required for showings.  I sold eight vacant properties last winter and I would think most properties listed through this winter season will be sold as well.  I do have a lovely building lot almost 3 acres in size on Sterling Creek Road very affordably priced at $35,000.  I will be taking pictures of that property later today with the arrival of the snow. Sterling Creek Road

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