February in the Villages of Almaguin

February in the Villages of Almaguin

I believe February is a short month for a reason.  By February, those that do not especially like winter,

are hoping for a change in weather conditions….but it is still winter and we can’t really expect a promise of spring until March. Mid February has the distraction of Valentines Day for which many of us have something special to look forward to.  I tend to call friends I haven’t talked to in a while, do something special with my Mom and have a general “Be Extra Nice Day” to strangers and clients I generally do not interact with on a daily basis.  No longer having a significant other, I now have turned that the day into a very happy day with lots of positive communications.  Also since it is a work day I am still waiting for something that has never happened in my career in Real Estate and that is:  Someone to walk through my office door to buy a property for their sweetheart!  LOL maybe it will happen before I retire.

Many of the properties that were purchased earlier this year, close in February to get their new home or vacation property ready to enjoy when spring arrives.  It is a great time to do the interior renovations and having that completed to work on the exterior when the outside temperatures becomes more favourable.  If you are needing contractors for some of the work be sure to contact them now to assure your project in done in a timely manner in the spring.  Trades are very busy throughout the Almaguin Area and waiting too long may mean your project will not be scheduled until next fall which is very disappointing for some property owners.  The Almaguin Chamber of Commerce has an excellent guide published which has names and contacts for most area businesses:  Almaguin Highlands Community Guide & Directory 

A listing I have is looking for a Buyer.  This listing has a waterfront home, 18 acres of commercially zoned property and is perfect for someone looking to make a career change or retire and make it an income property.  Zoned for commercial recreational it could be developed one cabin at a time while you get acquainted with the lovely hamlet of Katrine on desirable Doe Lake.  Just give me a call and I can go over the details on how this property may be developed into a nest egg for your retirement or move the family here to have the benefits of living year round on this lovely property. To tour the home and see the surround forest follow the link:  933 Ferguson Road

Well I did enjoy this break from the work piled on my desk as I am feeling a little disorganised today but I better get back to it….right after my coffee break to organize my thoughts!

Real Estate Buzzing in Almaguin

Real Estate Buzzing in Almaguin

Not Rain,Sleet,Snow will dampen Almaguin’s busy real estate market.  Despite nasty roads, gloomy days, lots of snow days people are actively looking for property and coming to live, work and play in our beautiful region.  I think February will reward us with bright sunny days and glistening clean snow with the perfect cold temperatures to enjoy all of our outdoor activities.  I love to snowshoe and look forward to hiking in the bush with my dogs, an activity I have yet to enjoy this winter.  Complain as I will, outside letting my dogs out for the last time before bed each night,watching my breath, seeing the snow glimmering in moonlight, the quiet cold on my face, makes me so appreciative for this experience at the end of my day.

A client, who is looking to purchase land to build a home on, asked me this week if could I describe what it is like to live in the Almaguin Highlands and what wildlife he should expect to see.  I asked him in return “Have you ever been to Algonquin Park?  He answered yes and I then said “imagine stepping out the back door of your home in Algonquin park…that is what it is like to live here”  He and his family will be up next week to view a few properties and hopefully purchase their “little piece of northern heaven”


Many people come to our area for various reasons.  I have a new listing this week that will appeal to someone with business knowledge and expertise in operating a restaurant business.  It could be someone local not really wanting to commit to purchasing or perhaps a person who is looking to move their business to Burk’s Falls.  Fantastic opportunity for a motivated business person with restaurant experience to operated their business in a great location in Burk’s Falls. Beautiful historic brick building, parking lot, outdoor patio and beautiful setting. Net $2000.00 lease per month and owner is looking for a three year lease.

More info on my website   or visit   Realtor.ca

In our Village we are lacking in accommodation for anyone wanting to stay a couple of nights or just passing through and want to stop and stay without driving further to find a place to sleep.  I have decided to start an Air B&B with the extra apartment in my building.  It should be ready by the first of February and in my next blog I will give you a preview of what will be offered.  Hopefully this will encourage others, with extra space, in the village or surrounding area to do the same.  Burk’s Falls can become a destination instead of people just driving through.  Our community has so much to offer and with more people coming and staying a while, prosperity will come for everyone as the spin off activities will filter to the local businesses.  On that positive note I am signing out for today…..time for my dogs to go out and me to enjoy some cold night air.


Crisp, Cold, Clean Almaguin

Crisp, Cold, Clean Almaguin

Hard to believe we are in the middle of January and it has been a very frosty beginning.  I am grateful for the frigid temperatures necessary to make the lake ice safe for the trails and the ice fishing.  The roadways are also dry and clear, good for travelling  with the crisp cold temperatures comes very little snowfall.  We can always bundle up right?

You know that new listing I was mentioning?  Well, I had a little delay in getting it processed  for the MLS.  Good pictures, to properly promote a commercial property, are necessary for great first impressions to attract buyers.  This property wasn’t quite ready but it will next week and featured in my blog..  Businesses are moving in Burk’s Falls, with recent sales of a couple of businesses, bringing new people into our village.  We do like to share our up and coming dynamic Village and having new business and new business owners will make sure our Village thrives.

This coming weekend is the Burk’s Falls Winter Fest so visit their page Winterfest for details and don’t miss out on the family fun, games and laughs. This event is taking place January 20th (evening) and 21st (afternoon). Your $10 wristband gives you access to the Saturday evening family bowling and dance, as well as the complete lineup of events on Sunday, including face painting, games, horse drawn wagon rides, contests and more.

Here is a listing that meets many buyers needs, back lot to Lake Cecebe, walking distance to the lake, backs onto green space for trail walking, beautiful home with pond, large garage…want to move here yet.  Worth a look 253 Chapman Drive


I have an awful cold and typing skills are a little off with those pesky germs making me cough with every key stroke.  With a little rest I will be back in good form by the weekend.  This keyboard is shared so it is wiped clean after it’s use as not to spread this to anyone else in the office.   You may have found irregular hours this week at our office and I truly apologize if you were inconvenienced.  Being ill, it is best  to stay well clear of others including co-workers and clients.  For this week, your “Go To  REALTOR®” for Almaguin Highlands, can always communicate via email or telephone and keep those pesky germs to myself.  Off now to have some ginger/honey tea and a good night’s sleep. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog.




Back to Routine in 2019

Back to Routine in 2019

Today everything at work is business as usual but schools had a snow day, giving all the IMG_2420children riding buses, one more day to claim as holiday time.  I was very happy not to venture out this afternoon as the roads and weather turned nasty.
This evening, letting the dogs out, the trees howled with the north wind blowing snow off the rooftops and down the street. In this video not much to see but the great, big, roaring sound is Mother Nature a wee bit on the cranky side.

Catching up with work after holidays makes me feel out of sync with my schedule.  pexels-photo-265087It seemed everything I thought could be accomplished today was a far reach from actual reality.  As the week progresses hopefullyfront things will fall into place. The market is still busy, with a frontcommercial and residential property just sold this week, dwindling my listing inventory.  Many sellers do not have their properties listed through the winter months as they feel buyers will not be viewing property because of the snow.  Winter months are more challenging but technology, summer photos, google earth overviews and a determined Real Estate Agent meattract buyers interested in purchasing property.  Many of the properties available this season have become the shiny pennies to buyers needing to make a move, however lack of inventory makes for a small pool of listings to choose from.   Does it sound like I am asking for your listing?

Well, yes I am….just give me a call or email and I will market your property to find the right buyer.

IMG_1126If you are looking for a career change or to be your own boss don’t forget the great business opportunity in Sundridge.  The Double Decker fast food restaurant is closed for the winter but you could buy now and start up first thing in the spring.  Great business to run year round with good location, Highway 11 signage and a spot well known in the area.  A perfect business venture for someone to be self employed and make a good income.  Fast Food Restaurant
On a different note…..there is another commercial property that may be developed.


This year round waterfront home has 18 acres that is zoned for commercial recreational use.  It could be used as a campground, build a cottage resort or anything that falls into that type of category.  The residence is beautiful with a commanding view of Doe Lake, sand beach and clean water entry.  Have a look at the details it could be the investment you have been looking for.  Waterfront Opportunity

Well it is off to sleep for me now…. listening to the wintery sounds from my nice warm bed.  Read my blog next week new commercial listing coming and new sales too!

Reflective 2018 & Excited for 2019

Reflective 2018 & Excited for 2019

Let the New Year begin!  As I do every year I feel nostalgic and a little sad to have
Realty Execs White.cdrthe past year filed away. I never really make any New Years Resolutions however reviewing the past year, always has a great impact on how I look at my achievements and mistakes to develop a working plan for my life in 2019.  In 2018 I started a new real estate brokerage which is extremely successful and ventured out of my comfort zone in the work section of my life.  This year I intend on building that business and have other like minded Realtors® join my company and expand our service keeping level of professionalism that all the Sellers and Buyers in the Almaguin Highlands have come to expect.
IMG_2361In the personal aspect of 2018 I felt a bit out of touch with my ever growing family mostly due to my travel being restricted in caring for my Mom.  She is no longer able to travel well, so I IMG_2409.jpghope my family in 2019 will continue to come visit this year to spend time with her.  With dementia she does not remember the visits  but she enjoys them so much in the moment.  Also warm memories  are made for the grandchildren, great grand children and great great grandchildren to past on the stories when they get older.
IMG_2372[1]Balancing work, family gives me a great sense of accomplishment (even though sometimes I think everything is out of balance) and that is something I intend to prioritize this year.  I am one of the lucky ones that is privileged to have fulfilling work, appreciative clients and an attentive, loving family. WOW so much to  be grateful for!  I think  2019 may be challenging  and that is a good thing because if we are not challenged we become complacent and forget to be grateful for what we have.
With our great office dynamics REALTY EXECUTIVES Local Almaguin Highlands Inc.,

Brokerage will make it’s mark felt  with a positive impact on the Real Estate throughout the Villages of Almaguin in 2019.
Looking for recreation property, hunt camp or just room to roam these listings have that and more.
First Property link to listing  933 Highway 522 Trout Creek

Second property link  Forest Lake Road, Sundridge

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