November snowComplain, as we all do, the white fluffy stuff has come early and in abundance keeping us fit at the end of a shovel.  with the cold temperatures many ski hills have opened and it has been the earliDogs sleepingest in the past 30 years.  My dogs have made the best of the snow racing  in a crazy pattern around the flower bed, jumping over the piles of snow made by the snowplow and just enjoying a playful romp outside.  After they come inside it is a different story …sound asleep drying out on their blankets
An update on the construction on the business street in Burk’s Falls.  The freezing construction pavementtemperatures have not deterred the diligent workers from braving the cold paving the street and pouring concrete for the sidewalks.  Out in front of our business is not yet completed but will be wonderful when these improvements are done.  Right now there are heated construction frost tarpsfrost tarps on the sidewalks so please Do Not walk on them (extremely slippery)  walk on the street and go through the pathways made for pedestrians to the businesses.  Our back parking lot and back door is open for our clients so they can come in and do business avoiding the uneven ground coming through the front of the building.  As a motorist be careful of pedestrians and slow down going through the Village.  The construction has definitely been an inconvenience but so worth the end result of our main street showing that Burk’s Falls is an up and coming community soon to be the shining star of the Villages of Almaguin.  Residents will be proud and businesses will again flourish…. a win win for us all.  This first step will encourage commerce and local business to improve their facades, planters and gardens and make it appealing to all who walk through our Village to shop and do business here.
fowler logoA shout out to Fowler Construction for their tireless diplomacy and consideration in dealing with the endless stream of disgruntled people……I hope they know how much they are appreciated doing a job that has to be done.  The day to day life for us, in the short term, is a little more difficult but necessary to achieve a major community improvement……and yeah I admit I do a little complaining too.
Although it has been a bit more difficult for our clients to come into the office the market continues to be active.  Technology plays a huge part in promoting our properties so if you are looking to list through the winter months please give us call and get a jump on moving this spring.  Here is a link to my newest type of promotion I am doing for some of my clients.  933 Ferguson Road – Home, Waterfront & Acreage
Here are a few more photos of our winter beauty – worth the drive!


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