Long Absence Over

Long Absence Over

My Mom 90th Birthday!

Cherish Laughter

Hi Everyone, I have not written a blog post in quite sometime. Personal obligations were prioritised over the last few months. Not to get into personal details but caring for an ageing parent became somewhat overwhelming and some extra business related items had to take a back seat for a while to keep my client service optimum. I now feel that my routine has been established to resume some of my insights and updates again on social media.

Cutest Dogs Ever!

I have a new look! My hair is cut and going back to the natural colour(which will take a few more months to fully take effect). Also I prioritised my health and have became much more fit with the weight loss of over 75 lbs. To run a full time business, care for a parent with dementia and just be the best Mom & “Amma” for all my family it was a necessary change.


Real estate sales has been robust again this year but prices have stabilised for many types of properties in our area and it has became a very balanced market. This allows optimum expectations to be met for the sellers and a reasonable price paid for the buyers. Although many sales were expected in the early fall, mother nature had different ideas (lots of rain and yukky viewing weather) and it was mid to late October before the fall market got back into full swing. Now at the end of November sales have picked up in all price ranges and types of properties.

Don’t be afraid to list in the winter.  Next Blog to give you tips on why winter is a great time to sell.  Talk again in a couple of weeks signing off for now…..”Your Go To Realtor for The Villages of Almaguin” Louisa


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