Puppy Real Estate Training

Puppy Real Estate Training

Well I picked up a new Bouvier pup on November the 5th 2017.  She is now 8 weeks old and Corona is a wonderful big sister to her.  Training a dog (not that there is much training except of the owner at this age) is so much less stressful with an adult dog to teach them the routine and what is acceptable and not.  Her name is Lambig pronounced in English “lumbeeg”  wikipedia on Lambig
I chose that particular name because of the endearing memory I have of my grandfather giving my husband a bottle of it to return home to Canada on our first trip to see my family in France.  Although not my drink of choice Jim cherished the gift and still had


Knight Brothers Factory circa 1896

that bottle long after the death of my grandfather. We finished the last of it to celebrate our move to the Burk’s Falls Knight Brother’s factory building in 1996 twenty years after Jim had received it.  It makes me smile and think of them both, every time I say her name.Lumbig has had her introduction to office life this past week.  She has gone a few showings, assisted GREATLY when I had to put up my signs and is learning that we do not pee on clients lawns.  The burst of energy is always followed by a very long puppy nap.  My clients have certainly have enjoyed her puppy antics.  The snow covers the ground today and both dogs love the outdoors.  More difficult to find the property boundaries when showing property however.
resin view no colour
Many Clients have taken this opportunity to view vacant land as the terrain can be assessed without all the foliage camouflaging the lay of the land.   Not many listings available in this are so if you are a seller give me a call and I can promote and perhaps bring you a successful offer before snowshoes are required for showings.  I sold eight vacant properties last winter and I would think most properties listed through this winter season will be sold as well.  I do have a lovely building lot almost 3 acres in size on Sterling Creek Road very affordably priced at $35,000.  I will be taking pictures of that property later today with the arrival of the snow. Sterling Creek Road

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