Wow!! August in the Almaguin Highlands

August is over and the end to summer coming up fast.  This was a very different summer  with the weather unseasonably wet and cool but the month.  I spite of the weather the of August found the Almaguin Highlands Flooded with visitors.  Our  businesses had a record month throughout the district and Real Estate was booming with buyers wanting to move or vacation in our area.


My love of the water is shared by the majority and here is a picture and quote I wanted to share with you.  The complete write up and more information can be found here.

With the weather cooler and less sun days the leaves are turning quickly this year so September may be the month for full colour.  I will post pictures as the trees give their magnificent show.  A wonderful time to drive the area and view the beautiful blue contrast of the lakes against the fiery colour of the trees.  Great camping as well throughout the area and a wonderful time for a peaceful canoe across the still waters that surround us. Rejuvenate the soul and visit our area

The attraction to water is human nature and I just want to touch on a tragedy that happened in the Village of Burk’s Falls.  A little 7 year old local boy drowned in the river by the falls when he fell into the water and was swept over the dam.  My heartfelt condolences goes out to the family for their loss.  I have great pride in my community who rallied together in search for the boy and the compassion that was shown by all, in this most difficult time.  My last post was on water safety and I can’t stress the importance enough about supervising children near  water…they are carefree not careless…and they too share our fascination and delight with water.

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