American Cottage Buyers in Almaguin??

american dollar
American Cottage Buyers

With the American dollar so high an exchange rate, a Seller of one of my listed properties asked what my marketing strategy was to expose their  recreational cottage to potential American Cottage Buyers.  The marketing I do is world wide by exposing of my listed properties through many types of media and many sites through the internet.  I explained we do not have an great influx of Americans buying cottages here, even  with their dollar being so strong.   My Sellers were shocked.   We were fortunate to not have the tremendous drop in real estate market value that the United States experienced.  Compared to what they can buy in the States our property values are high.  This negates the benefit of their strong dollar in purchasing cottages or homes in Almaguin.

 Curling on the Lake
Curling on the Lake – Games at Cottage Rentals


We are however enjoying many more of our American friends coming to stay in cottage  rentals throughout the area and take part in our seasonal events. Gas prices also slow the number of visitors  from south of our border.  I am sure however, the ones who do make the trip and experience all that the Villages of Almaguin have to offer they will tell their friends and family and return often.


We are enjoying a wonderful amount of people coming from the GTA and southern Ontario with many purchasing a cottage or a retirement home in the pristine Almaguin Highlands.

156 Ontario st front
Here’s a tease with a summer picture

With March Break right around the corner we will have many visitors in our area.  They all receive a warm welcome from the residents and businesses alike.  I believe the Almaguin Highlands has the most welcoming people in the whole province…but I am a bit prejudice because I live, work and play here!!


Be sure to check out the Maple Sugar  activities during March Break those experiences should be sweeeet!

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